Friday, December 30, 2011

!!introduce myself!!

my name is zati.... u can call me nad or zati coz both of them are my name!! :)
i'm new here, so, nice 2 meet ya!! :)
i'm just an ordinary girl, from the ordinary family.... there's nothing special bout me.... i can be such a VERY gud fren if u're frenly with me.... N!! i also can be a VERY VERY VERY MUCH SO evil if u mess up with me....
hahahahaha, dunt get me wrong, i am a friendly girl at the RIGHT time....
btw, my grammar are SO BAD u know.... so please n do correct me if i did wrong....
hehehehe.... XD


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About Me

hey2!! who??!! u're da one dat viewing my blog!! yes u!! i just want 2 say dat........ hello!! nice 2 meet yaw!! peace no war yaww!!~ :)

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