Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Dear Encik Bestfriend,
Maaf ye sebab kelakuan saye yang sangat annoying selama ini~ *terbatuk2 kecil sebab sedar diri pulak XD*
Saye tahu saye banyak buat salah...
Thanx sebab sudi berbincang tadi...
Maaf sekali lagi sebab saye sangat susah hendak mengatakan "Aku Mintak Maaf" tadi...
Taktau nape, bile nak cakap tadi rase macam tengah makan pasir~
Walhal tadi makan ayam goreng~ MUAHAHAHA *sedap sampai tercekik kamek makan tadi XD*
Dan, jutaan mintak maaf kerane telah menggores dan melukai hati Encik Bestfriend~ *macam gores dan menang pulok! AHAKZ!~*
Saye tahu yang Encik Bestfriend ade TERsakit hati dengan saye, walaupon Encik Bestfriend tak cakap..
I do know la, deep in your heart, awak rase sakit hati.. *ceh, main speaking2 pulak~ HOHOHOHO*
Okay, kamek harap kitak maafkan kamek ya!
ehehehehehehe <<--- gelak orang giler~ ^~^

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Essay~


“Be Careful With What You Wish For”

When I walked into my house, it was so quiet and dark. It’s kind of peaceful. But, I was wondering, where were my husband and my twins have gone? Then, I switched on the lamp. Suddenly, I screamed and started to cry. Why? Because, the moment I switched on the lamp, my husband came towards me with a birthday cake while my twins were singing “Happy Birthday” song cheerfully. I can’t imagine how they can remember the day I was born when I didn’t remember it myself! Then, my husband came towards me and told me to blow out the candles. There were twenty-nine candles on the cake. “Make a wish mommy!” shouted my twins. I remembered something at the moment I heard the ‘wish’ word shouted by my kids. “Do you want to hear a story about us when we were in teenagers?” With excited cute faces, my twins shout “YES!”
16 years before…
Once upon a time, there was a new transferred student. She was mommy’s friend. “Hi, my name is Nadeline Harris. I’m new here. Do correct me if I do anything wrong. Thank you,” said the new girl to her new classmates, while shaking a little and smilednervously. She was told to sit beside a good-looking boy, named Daniel Munroe. Most of the girls in the class whined and complained, clearly not satisfied with the teacher’s decision letting the new girl sit beside their ‘Prince Charming’.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” said Nadeline to the boy next to her, Daniel. “Whatever.... And please shut your mouth,”said Daniel arrogantly to Nadeline. Nadeline was stunned. Ever since that day, they were always fighting. Even if it was a small matter, they would always argue.

Day past month, their feelings towards each other changed. From being an enemy to a bestfriend. Other than Daniel, Nadeline also has another bestfriend who is Andre Jackson.

Andre is a dream bestfriend for every girl in the world! He is a very patient person. He also loves to smile. And when he smiles, he melts everyone's heart. Nadeline remembered how Andre welcomed her to that class. How Andre being so gentleman talking to her. The seeds of love started growing in her heart. Yes! Nadeline starts to like her own bestfriend, Andre. But she was so afraid that Andre would reject her.

Month past year, it is almost 3 years they have been best friends. Nadeline’s feeling towards Andre is still the same. Daniel was the person who Nadeline would seek for, just only to talk about her feelings toward Andre.

After being Daniel's bestfriend, Nadeline knew that Daniel is not an arrogant kind of person. Actually Daniel, is a caring person. Eventhough sometimes Nadeline ignored him, he never mad at her. Maybe, that was the mean of true bestfriend. But, there was one thing that no one knows, including Andre and Nadeline.

He, being such an arrogant person when the first time he met Nadeline because he was stunned and speechless to see a cute girl sat beside him. Daniel likes Nadeline the  first time he noticed at her. It is his first-sight love!

For Daniel, Nadeline is everything to him. He was as happy as a lark when he and Nadeline being bestfriends. But, his heart broke into million pieces when Nadeline told him that she likes Andre.

Although he knows that he never get a chance with Nadeline, he never leaves Nadeline. This is because he can talk to Nadeline every day. Eventhough he was suffering and crying inside.

As for Nadeline, Daniel was a good listener. Daniel never said negative words to her when the first time she told Daniel about her feelings, instead, Daniel gave her some good advice.

On the April 10th, it was Nadeline’s fifteenth birthday. She is gonna held a birthday party, so she invited everyone. Nadeline was hoping that everything will be okay. Because, she is planning to confess to Andre. Eventhough, lately Andre ignored her. Yes, Andre had ignored her for 3 months. Out of the blue, Andre’s attitude began to change. Nadeline could see how Andre become an unfriendly person towards her. She was so sad. When she asked Andre personally, he would just say “This is my life, don’t even bother!” “I wish I had never met you, Andre!” Nadeline shouted at Andre angrily. Since that day, they never talk to each other anymore.

That was the reason why Nadeline wanted to invite Andre. She wanted to seek for forgiveness from Andre for saying such mean words.

But, we never knew the future. Nadeline never thought that on her birthday, she would lose her bestfriend.

On the same day, when Nadeline went to Andre’s house to give him the invitation card, but there something went wrong. As she went into the house, she looked at Andre’s family member's faces. Nadeline started to feel uneasy when she couldn't find the face who has stolen her heart. Then, Andre’s mom, came and told something to her.

Nadeline’s face turned white. She never thought that God loves Andre more than she does. “He died early in the morning because he was suffering from leukaemia. He knew that he’ll die sooner or later. So he asked me to give this to you,” said Andre's mom.

As Nadeline started to read the letter from Andre, she cried. “Dear my beloved bestfriend, Nadeline, I’m so sorry for being such a bad bestfriend for these 3 months. I actually like you. But I didn’t want to tell you. That is because I don’t want to disappoint you. Because I know that I don’t have much time anymore. I hope you will forgive me. I know, that when you read this, that’s mean I’m no longer in this world. I don’t want you to be sad, so please don’t cry at my funeral. I want you to accept Daniel. Part of Daniel, is also part of me. Maybe one day you can see part of me inside Daniel. I wish you live happily with Daniel. He is a good person and a match from the heaven to you. Goodbye my dear. Love you, Andre.”

Nadeline’s regreted what she wished for, but it’s too late. She keeps reminding herself to be careful with what she wish for.


While smiling, my husband, Daniel pats and wipe my tears. Yeah, Daniel, my bestfriend, now has become my husband. “Daddy, why is mommy crying? Poor mommy,” they asked innocently. "Andrew and Adele, my twins. That’s because the girl was your mommy,” reply Daniel.

My twins stared at me. I love them so much. That’s because they are just the same like Andre.

Then, Daniel came closer to me, he gave me a warm kiss on my cheek and whispered “Happy Birthday sweetheart. I love you forever!”quietly at my ears. When I heard Daniel, I heard Andre. “Thanks Andre for giving me such a happy life. Thanks for being my bestfriend. Thank you so much,”whispered Nadeline while looking at the sky.

Hai, sorry la da lame tak post... I'm kinda busy~ Hahaha, yela tu....
Anyway, essay berjela-jela kat atas nie ialah homework aku, so, do comment ea ;) aku nak tau, ok ke x....

okla, bubye...

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